Thank you for your interest in joining the Rotary E-Club of the Peninsula!  Our club is one of 34,000 Rotary Clubs espousing 1.2 million members around the world, all seeking to make life better in their communities and around the world.  Rotary Clubs believe in honest and ethical professional conduct, and fellowship through service to others.  

Rotary's strength lies in our diverse volunteer membership.  As professionals and business persons, we are able to bring fresh perspectives to problems previously considered intractable.  Your unique background and viewpoint are Rotary's most valuable asset.

Rotary Clubs, in pursuit of betterment of our communities and giving back, discuss our communities' (wherever in the world that may be) unique needs and come up with creative ways to meet them.  In the process, we expand leadership and professional skills as necessary.  And just as importantly, we catch up with good friends and meet new ones!

Being an E-Club, anyone around the world can join our club and participate anywhere at any time with an internet connection.  We believe our flexibility & global outreach are unique attributes which allows us to contribute to Rotary's mission in new and innovative ways.  

Changes in the modern work environment and globalization have done away with traditional 9 to 5 work schedules for many of  us and we travel more frequently for both work and pleasure.  This has made a wide swath of professionals, business persons and community leaders who have traditionally comprised Rotary membership now find the requirement of weekly meeting attendance difficult to fulfill.  E-Clubs address these difficulties, as the modern professionals and businesspersons are just as socially conscious and service minded, if not more so, than previous generations.  Modernity has also introduced new means of fellowship and collaboration online which align well with the way Rotary E-Clubs operate.

We would love to have you join us!  


If you are interested in joining, please start by contacting us!

We will communicate via e-mail or over phone, and walk you through the process!

Rotary E-Club of the Peninsula is a fully chartered Rotary Club - our application process is the same as any other Rotary Club, traditional or online.