Rotary E-Club of the Peninsula has a tradition - we celebrate good things in our lives by giving to Rotary! It's not a unique tradition - most Rotary Clubs have a Happy Dollars section in their meetings to share great news and celebrate together! Examples of good things we celebrate might be:
  • Benji's team won the soccer game!
  • Benji's team lost the soccer game but Benji played well!
  • Benji's team just won the soccer game even though Benji didn't play well!
  • Benji's team lost the soccer game because Benji didn't play well, which means he's a really important player on the team!
  • Benji didn't try very hard for this soccer game, so we need to celebrate to encourage him to try harder!

Please use the PayPal button to donate however much you think is befitting the occasion, and post a comment below to let us know what we're celebrating!


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