Running Towards Chaos

We recently attended a conference for our work and heard an amazing keynote speech by Dr. Natalie Stavas. Dr. Stavas is a Harvard trained pediatrician who happened to be running the Boston marathon at the time of the terrorist attack. She was fortunately away from the bomb explosions in the finish line, and she made […]

Teaching for Mastery

In this week’s article, Khan Academy founder Sal Khan discusses teaching for mastery, not test scores. Historically in the West, education was imparted through a liberal arts education process.  A tutor, or a set of tutors, were tasked with teaching a single student, which started with a review of the classics – Plato, Homer, etc […]

Increasing agricultural output in an environmentally responsible way

This week’s discussion article focuses on increasing agricultural output without significantly increasing the carbon footprint of agriculture. Currently, modern agriculture needs to increase its output by 70% to meet the nutritional demands of the growing earth population, which will become 10 billion by 2050, from 7 billion people we have currently in 2016. This week’s […]